Who is Andavi Swim? Let me re-introduce myself and tell you more about how Andavi Swim came about. My name is Anita, and as you can see in this pic, I love being outdoors and going on salty adventures 🚤🌞
About me - I am an ocean lover, enjoy long beach walks and paddleboarding whenever I can with my little schnoodle pup Bobbie (if you want to catch some cute reels of Bobbie, head on over to our @andaviadventures Instagram page). Catching a pretty sunset here and there is also a favourite of mine too. However, I have sensitive skin that burns easily, so protecting my skin from the sun is a top priority when I am outdoors. Aside from the ‘C’ word, too much sun causes premature ageing, eeek!
I have always felt that choosing to be be sun-conscious shouldn't mean my time outdoors must be cut short or I must be restricted to choosing sun protective clothing that compromises on style. It was out of these very principles that Andavi Swim was born. I thought to myself, if I feel this way about being sun-conscious, then other women might too? If you asked me to describe Andavi Swim as a place, I would describe her as being a place where sun moderation meets style. A place where you can feel confident and free.
Andavi Swim and the Environment – We care a great deal about the environment, particularly the ocean. We made a promise to ourselves and the environment that we would build our brand based on an eco-conscious approach. We use beautiful sustainable recycled Italian fabrics and participate in ethical manufacturing processes. We make quality long lasting pieces in limited Collections that support #slowfashion. We very much dislike plastic, so we have taken a minimalist eco-conscious approach to packaging. We choose to send all your beautiful swim pieces in biodegradable mailers from @hero.packaging, we even use @herpackaging compostable brand stickers. Our tissue paper and card stock are made from recycled material. Our goal is to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible now, and as we continue to grow.
I hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit more about me and Andavi Swim.
Stay sun-conscious 💙 Chat Soon.
Anita. xx
April 14, 2022