Re-introducing our oh so versatile Lagoon Swim Active Leggings! Recently I took these beauties for a spin to hot yoga! And boy did they do me proud! Our swim active leggings are made from the same versatile swim fabric as our swimwear. They not only offer you a UPF50+ sun protection option while swimming, paddle boarding, snorkelling or on long walks, they can also give you an excellent option if you practise hot yoga or any yoga in fact. These leggings are designed to go from wet to dry quickly, and the fabric is engineered to not hold on to moisture.  Anyone who has been in the hot yoga room knows that you usually finish in a hot sweaty heap, which includes your clothing at the end of the class. Well, I am happy to report, that our Lagoon Swim Active Leggings did me proud, they did not end up in a hot sweaty mess (unlike me) they were drying off beautifully as soon as I stepped out of the room. No more soggy legging feels! Yay! 

What makes our Lagoon Swim Active Leggings so versatile Our Lagoon Swim Active Leggings are made from an Italian fabric called Vita. Vita is versatile, hyper-resistant, thin, elegant, stretch, soft and breathable. It gives you a unique mix of muscular compression and comfort and is made for swimming or sports activities. We have also designed these leggings with a flattering cross v waistband which gives you a comfortable flattering fit across the waist, perfect for anything swim active.

How do you care for these leggings? Simply hand wash in cold fresh water and dry in the shade. That’s it!

For any questions about size, fit and styles, please reach out to us at for a personal fit guide.

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Anita xx

April 19, 2022