Sun protection in winter? Something we don’t often think about. Many of us associate summer and heat with sun protection, but winter in many parts of Australia still have high levels of UV. In Queensland, the UV Index rarely goes below 3, which means the UV is enough to cause damage quickly. UV rays cause sunburn not the heat.

Snow, water and sand also reflect UV. This means you could be getting almost a double dose of UV if you don’t stay protected. Snow reflects UV quite well and the higher altitude you are, the more UV. Sand and water also reflect UV which can accelerate your exposure. So, before you head out for a snowboard, ski, surf or beach walk, remember to wear at least SPF50+ sunscreen and sun protection clothing. By wearing these extra layers, you will also have that extra winter warmies feel.

So, why do we associate summer and long hot balmy days with sunburn?  Well, I think it’s because we are simply outdoors more, the days are longer, it’s hot and a lot of us either head to the beach, the river or creek for a dip. It’s here we find ourselves staying for a while to cool off not realising that you have spent too much time in the sun without covering up or re-applying sunscreen. In winter we are in-doors more often but as I have discussed, that doesn’t mean the UV is less and won’t cause sunburn. Remember, you can’t tell if you are getting sunburnt, so by the time you see your skin going pink, it’s too late! The best method to protect your skin is to wear physical sun protective clothing made from UPF50+ fabric, leggings, long sleeve tops with a high neck or a gaiter (buff) in combination with at least a SPF50+ sunscreen.

Before I started Andavi swim, I always found it hard to find sun protection clothing that combined style and sun protection. So, I made it my mission to create a brand that incorporates style, versatility and sun protection. With each Collection we bring you stylish sun conscious swim+active pieces that you actually want to wear. Swim+active pieces that can be layered, mixed and matched, worn from beach to bar or sweat session to Sunday soirèe and everything in between.

 Stay sun conscious. Anita xx

June 13, 2022