Sunburn! Yes, sunburn is how the Andavi Swim adventure started. I have fair sensitive skin and became sick and tired of getting burnt in all weird and wonderful places (mostly in places where I missed applying sunscreen), we have all been there! Bathing in UPF50+ sunscreen every two hours or so when you are in the middle of a sun-drenched adventure isn't practical for me! I don’t know about you, but lathering up all over in sunscreen makes me hotter and I sweat more (Sorry, too much info?).  For me, the solution is to combine UPF50+ sunscreen with physical UPF50+ sun protection clothing.

My other problem was that I also struggled to find sun protection swimwear that I could mix and match, bottoms & tops without compromising style. Style is as important to me as sun protection. I was sick of looking mismatched every time I went adventuring under the sun. I was buying different swim tops, crops, bikini bottoms, pants and long sleeve rash guard pieces from different brands to get the level of sun protection I needed. I also wanted my sun protection swim to be versatile so I could wear it as activewear (not asking much am I, haha!).  I found loads of sun protective one piece swimsuits out there, but nothing really in between. I needed more than a long sleeve one piece could offer. My leg’s also get burnt, mostly my knees, which I find weird, but anyway, let’s move on. I needed swim/active leggings in my life!

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good one piece they have their purpose, but you can't change up your sun protection with a one piece, meaning you can’t take it on and off throughout the day and change up your level of sun protection. One piece’s are great (we actually make one piece’s, haha!) but I wanted more! I wanted a complete collection of sun protection swimwear, that I could toss in my bag, put it on and off throughout the day, mix and match styles without compromising style. That was my catalyst for starting Andavi Swim. Fast forward a couple of years and lot’s and lot’s of conversations and work, and here we are.

Our first collection Blue Horizon has just launched! Yay!  But, don’t think we have just popped the bubbly and put our feet up (well, there was some champagne popping going on I’ll admit) instead we are busy working on new styles, colours and prints to bring your way very, very soon, so you can join the movement and Roam Free Under the Sun.

Andavi Swim, where sun moderation and style meet! Yep, that sounds like us!
Chat soon.

Anita. x