It recently occurred to me that you may not know how amazing our online checkout process is. Nobody wants to fill in a million fields when on an online shopping spree in your lunch break, only to find at the end of it you’re asked to ‘create an account’, Ahhh! A person can only have so many passwords, right? I personally find the 'create an account' thing annoying when online shopping. I am a procrastinator, so when I decide to buy, I want to buy it now, before my procrastination instinct kicks in! So naturally, it was a top priority for us to make our website as customer friendly as possible, with fast and efficient checkout features.

We offer an express checkout option with Paypal, Shop Pay and Google Pay making it even faster and easier to checkout on our website. If you don’t want to express checkout, our normal checkout process is still very similar and quick and simple to navigate.

Here is a list of our accepted payment options

Visa and Mastercard
Apple Pay
Google Pay
Shop Pay


Happy Shopping!


Anita. xx