Let’s chat about all of the above! If you don’t already know, we are big ocean lovers and adventurers. We try to get out there to explore the beautiful Australian Queensland Coast, reefs and waterways any chance we get! How we treat the environment as a small business in the fashion industry is very important to us.

Before we launched Andavi Swim, we made sure our environmental priorities were in check. Choosing eco-friendly sustainable fabrics and working with ethical manufacturers to produce sustainable, quality long lasting swimwear was number one on the list. We put a lot of effort into researching sustainable swimwear fabrics and building relationships with ethical and sustainable manufacturers. The quality of the fabrics we use is second to none. We use Carvico Vita recycled Italian fabric, as we grow we will incorporate fabric made with REPREVE®. The Italian fabrics are made of a ECONYL® regenerated Nylon and a high performance, sustainable techno-fabric made of 100% recycled polyester. The nylon is made from the collection of pre and post-consumer waste such as fishing nets retrieved from the ocean and the aquaculture industry (part of the ‘Healthy Seas a journey from Waste to Wear’ initiative) and pre consumer waste such as un-used fabric cuts. Fabrics with REPREVE® are made with fibre from recycled materials and plastic bottles.
Our packaging is minimalist, beautiful and eco-friendly. We do not use single use plastics and only use packaging that is recycled and/or mostly compostable. We choose recycled branded card stock where possible, our branded stickers and mailers are fully compostable thanks to HEROPACK™. I could not imagine packing your beautiful swimwear orders in PLASTIC! (Plastic is a dirty word in our office).
Next topic, the Slow Fashion Movement. So, what is the Slow Fashion Movement? Well, I wasn’t really sure of the exact definition either before we started Andavi Swim, but I knew in my heart that it is the future of fashion. We want to be a part of something bigger, challenge the norm by changing the way we do things to preserve the environment and ensure environmental security. Got a little deep there, I know! But I really feel strongly about this. If we all contribute in whatever way we can, we can make things better. The Slow Fashion Movement has a few different definitions, generally it is fashion that is quality based, encourages slower production and brings ethical and sustainable principles together. It is the opposite to fast fashion, in that it supports and promotes a more ethical and sustainable way of manufacturing and consuming.
Slow fashion encourages quality manufacturing to lengthen the life of the garment. How are we committed to the Slow Fashion Movement? We work with ethical manufacturers who make quality garments, our collections are produced in limited numbers, our garments are carefully considered to give you sun-conscious, versatile swimwear that is adaptable and can be worn for more than one purpose. Our choice of fabric, style, colours and prints mean you can mix and match between collections, wear your Andavi Swim pieces as swimwear, activewear or to a lunch date with friends. All our swimwear is sold as separates. Our commitment to the Slow Fashion Movement is ongoing and as we grow, so will our support for Slow Fashion.
 Chat soon.
Anita xx
February 03, 2022