Experts advise to wear sun protection clothing to get the maximum level of sun protection. Sun protection swimwear is designed to give the wearer maximum coverage and is made of fabric that is rated UPF50+. The fabric is usually a nylon and Lycra® blend which is designed specifically to give the wearer maximum protection from the elements.
Choosing the right sun protection swimwear is a matter of personal choice, and can vary depending on the level of coverage you require. We would always recommend maximum coverage, which is a long sleeve swim top with a high neck as well as full length swim leggings to also protect the lower half of the body from the sun. Here are my top tips for choosing the best sun protective swim:
  1. choose long sleeve swimwear for maximum protection;
  2. the swimwear should be made of fabric that is rated UPF50+;
  3. choose double lined fabric rash guards that are made of high quality fabric.
All our swimwear is designed with the sun in mind. We use luxe sustainable Italian fabric that is UPF50+, soft and breathable. The fabric we use is versatile and can be worn as swimwear or activewear. We design long and short sleeve rash guards which can be mixed and match with any of our bikini separates. We also design swim leggings which give maximum sun protection for your legs and can be worn with any of our rash guards and bikini separates. If you have any questions about our styles or which sun protective swim styles are best for you, please drop us an email at info@andaviswim or send us a DM on our social pages. 
March 06, 2023