There's nothing more frustrating than buying the wrong size swimsuit. I really feel you on this topic! Pressing the ‘Buy Now’ button and crossing your fingers that you have made the right decision on size doesn't have to be a part of your online shopping journey.  So, I thought I would share with you some simple tips to use while you are on your online shopping adventure.

The first step in your quest to buying that perfect swimsuit, is to get some key body measurements under your belt. Like us, most brands have their size guides on their website with key measurements (also called point of measurement). The most important measurements for you to take are:

BUST measure around the fullest part of your bust

UNDER BUST measure just under your bust line where your bikini or bra would normally sit

 WAIST measure around your waist (just under your ribcage)

 HIPS measure at the widest part of your hip bones (across your hip bones)
Hot Tip! Don't have a sewing tape measure? No problems! Use a piece of string or ribbon and a ruler. Take your measurement using string/ribbon and measure it out on the ruler.
Happy shopping!
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Anita xx
February 08, 2022